Sunday, April 9, 2017

Real Dev Log #1

Hey, guys! Look, I'm devlogging! I've spent the past couple of weeks smoothing out the kinks and bugs in Don't Tax Me, Bro!, worked on the menu and, finally, content for the second level - which needs more stuff put in it before I will show it off. 'Till then, this is next week's to-do list - roughly speaking:

- Add stuff to level 2 and stop tweaking things that are so minute nobody will ever notice you changed anything, but the day is lost, so you can't work on anything else that you actually should work on (like goddamn content for the second level, bruh)

- Blogpost week

PS - I love how Construct 2's physics behavior works combined with the platform, solid and jump-through behavior. Took me a while to properly setup things so that there's a seamless interaction between all of 'em. Now I want to make a shooter (or continuie the one that I've already started a while back). SOON!

Physics if you're on top of jump-through stuff

 Physics if you're beside jump-through stuff

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