Friday, February 24, 2017

Crazy week this week! release at the end of March!

The demo for Don't Tax Me, Bro! has been out on for about 10 days now.

In the meantime, I have received a $10 donation (first ever money received by donation). Have been contacted by the creator of Move or Die (Those Awesome Guys' Nicolae Berbece). Then the game got featured on's front page. Then a Youtube review. Then another.

As I watched the views for the page surely but steadily increase for about 6 days, yesterday I was hit by a ton of bricks while checking the stats - 4 times as many views in a couple of hours than all the other days before combined. I thought it was a bug, so I checked from where did all this new traffic come from. It was a Youtube link. 1000+ views coming from it alone. *Gasp* I click on it.

It's Markiplier reacting to cops shouting at him. Marki-effng-plier. The twentieth youtuber by subs count (16 million!!) is reviewing my game. "What in the actual f?!?" He's having fun playing it. He's losing a lot, but having fun at it. And, best of all, he friggin likes it. He sings stuff about putting coffee in his ass. Good stuff!

40k likes on the video and almost a million views later, I, Tibith, and mr. Tony Baboon are still in shock. We know what we have to do now - release the game by March 30. We still have some midnight oil to burn, but it's definitely worth it!

Thanks for all the support, kind words and plays! You guys are golden!

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