Thursday, January 5, 2017

Switching platforms halfway through production is a bit like holding a pee while you poop and back again

Yep. I went from making the graphics on Don't Tax Me Bro and collaborating on the game design to basically divorcing my teammate (programmer and co-designer) and going rogue. Divergent opinions about quality and scope. Oh, well.

Since I can't program to save my life, I couldn't go at it alone - not in Unity, at least. But an old friend, Construct 2, which I've been using to fool around with for about 5 years now, was the perfect alternative. Easy to use and perfect for a non-coding heathen who just wants to get stuff done. Simple stuff. Simple stuff that I can tweak the shit out of and still not be satisfied.

But dissatisfaction breeds quality - or so I talk myself out of feeling like I've spent too much time on a single thing that nobody will ever notice even if they play non-stop starting from now to the heat death of the Universe. But I like it. And maybe that will translate into the final thing. I don't know. This is my first time actually trying to get something out on the market. Juggling the integration of all the old graphics, creating the game from scratch in another program, my day job and freelance stuff on the top is pretty grueling, but it's also satisfying as hell.

Anyhoo - I wanted to write something long, whimsical and insightful, but that would be phony of me, since I don't really feel I've got anything more to say at the moment, other than I'm tired, I want to eat a yogurt and I have been fighting the urge to pee by shaking my legs like an autistic Mexican bean for the past 15 minutes.

Bye! Ttyl

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